Some tips and tools for International Job Hunting

Some tips and tools for International Job Hunting

International Job Hunting might seem like a daunting task at first. As an IT Professional, my skills are on demand in many countries and many industries, technology is available everywhere after all. 

Between that and my passion for the adventure that is living in different countries I have become quiet proficient in international job seeking. 

So here are some tips or tools you can use when doing international job hunting: 

1.- Write down a list of target countries

International job hunting

It’s very important to focus your search, and narrow it down to either 4 or 5 countries or a couple of regions. For example, your job search focus could be USA and Canada, or maybe Western Europe. You can check out my post about “Expat Criteria to Consider a Country as Relocation Destination”


2.- Modify your resume (CV) accordingly for the target country standards (And language perhaps)

When hunting for a job you gotta think “International”, Each country has different “unwritten rules” or etiquette. When seeking for a job, I suggest you research online how a sample CV looks like in such country. 

 3.- Networking

International Job hunting social media

It’s very important to start meeting potential employers and recruiters that work in your target countries. Nowadays the social networks have become very powerful tools for doing that. The network for excellence is Linkedin, but I also suggest looking into other more localized networks. For example in Germany they have which is basically a linkedin but widely used in said country.

4.- Register in local versions of big job board sites 

A very good example is to register in for the USA, for the UK, for Germany, and so on. This will put you in the radar of recruiters looking for people with your profile in your target countries.

international job hunting boards 

 5.- Write down a list of target industries and target companies 

This point is very important, for example; if you want to work in the financial industry it may be a good idea to look for jobs in Frankfurt, London, New York and so on. But if you are interested in Technology companies, maybe Dublin, California and Berlin are better options. 

Imagine a situation where you get a marketing job in Frankfurt where the Financial sector is blooming but you hate the financial industry.

When the time comes to make a career change or look for another job. It’s highly probable that most of the jobs will be in the financial industry.

So it’s a good idea to move to a place where the job offers are more in line with your desire.

6.- Apply directly in your target companies websites

international job hunting Tech companies

It seems repetitive and in many cases like a waste of time, but if you are really interested in a company, dedicate some time to polish the profile. That will make your life easier when applying to multiple positions in the same company. 


7.- This is a personal rule that I learned the hard way: “Never ever accept a job in another country or city before visiting it in person first” 

It’s harder to discern whether you will like to live in a place or not, if you have never been there. Also, I think it’s important to visit your future employer’s office in order to get a first hand impression of how the company works. 


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