Cultural Differences as an Expat in the USA and Germany Part 1

Cultural Differences as an Expat in the USA and Germany Part 1

Have you ever wondered how many cultural differences you could find between USA and Germany, but living the expat experience in both countries? 

Here I will point out some of the cultural differences I found in these 2 countries, without the bias of having been born in any of the two.

The Food 

The very first thing you will notice, is the food variety between these 2 countries. Food is a very important part of a cultural heritage, therefore it’s one of the biggest things that will impact your life when moving to another country.

Food Cultural Differences

For taste, let me tell you, and that’s my personal opinion, I think USA has more variety of tastes, there are more choices over there than in Germany. On the other hand, food in Germany tends to be healthier, due to stricter regulations and sanitary measures. In the USA in the first month I gained around 10 Kg the same I lost in Germany in around 2 weeks. 

Credit Cards

I couldn’t believe it at first, I thought that credit cards were the same in all countries, or at least managed similarly.

Cultural Differences Credit cards

Not in Germany, in here the credit card is tied to your debit account, and by the end of the month they take the full balance you owe directly from there. In the USA, and in Mexico for that matter there is normally a minimum payment to keep your account current, and if you don’t clear the balance by the end of the month you pay whatever interest rate you got for your card. 

If you were to try to do that in Germany, you have to go to your bank branch and sit down with them to negotiate terms of payment, sign a 100 page contract and explain them all your life and reasons why you need financing. 


Believe it or not, cash is still a thing !! in Germany. If you ever come to Germany or move here, make sure you carry around enough cash, because in many, and I mean MANY places they just accept cash or Debit card. 

Cultural Differences Cash

In the USA I remember carrying a $100 USD bill with me “for emergencies” same I never had to use in 3 years. 

Renting a house or apartment

Ohh !! as the Cash and credit card matter, this is a point I can write (and will write) a full post about, but here are the main cultural differences.

In the USA you can have lease or rental contracts as short as weeks or a couple of months, in Germany the contracts are longer in general. The deposit in the USA is customary 1 month in advance, while in Germany is 3 months, plus until recently you had to pay the realtor’s fee as well, not the landlord (I think they changed that law recently, the land lord pays now, making rents higher).

cultural differences apartment

For Rent sign in front of new house

It’s hard to find an apartment with a freaking kitchen installed !!! or even light fixtures. The Germans have this BYOK (Bring your own kitchen) thing (I invented the acronym, its nothing official). 

Anyways, in general in the USA is way easier and cheaper to move around and relocate from one city to another, while in Germany you are more rooted. 

Customer Service

This one is easy, in USA most, if not all the culture is customer oriented, the customer is the focal point of any business.

cultural differences CS

In Germany, there is close to ZERO customer service, employees in general don’t give a damn about customers, so don’t expect that asking for a manager in a retail store will take you anywhere when you have a complaint. I can write another full post regarding this point as well. 


In General Germany is way more expensive in terms of transportation than the USA. But the main cultural difference here is the way you use these means. 

While in the USA is fairly mandatory to get a car because public transportation is not as connected and distances are in general greater than in Germany. 

Cultural differences ubahn

As an example, Germany’s whole country area is 357,168 km2 while Texas the state alone has 696,241 km2 so one single state is almost twice the size of Germany. This means there is a lot less space for everything. The streets are narrow and small, cars tend to be smaller it makes having a very connected public transportation easier to achieve. 

Gas prices are a lot more expensive in Europe than USA, therefore many people prefers to use public transportation for daily commute and the car just for weekends or trips. 

Education System

This is a big one as well. In Germany the public schools tend to be better than private, and are totally free, while in the USA is the contrary, public schools are not so good as the private ones, but the latter are overly expensive. 


In Germany the vocational studies (Ausbildung) are well accepted and you can make a good living from a vocation without a Univesity or College Degree. Germans have a course or specialized training for EVERYTHING !!! 

You want to be a supermarket cashier? cool ! you can, just take this course, get your certificate and apply for a job in Rewe or Globus or whatever. 

Also the German system may seem a bit more relaxed in the early years than the american system but later on it puts a lot of pressure on the students to excel. 

Doctors and Healthcare in general

One of the biggest cultural differences that shock me still nowadays are the Doctors and how the whole healthcare system works in Germany. 

Many argue that the american system is more expensive etc.. but the German social care is not cheap, you just don’t see it. Here they take almost half of my income in taxes and health care, while in the USA I had a bigger portion of my salary and I could decide which insurance to get. 


I will dedicate also a full post for this point, but I would like to mention here, when you have a cold and go to the doctor in Germany, they send you home for a week at least, tell you to drink tea and rest. In the USA they give you a nuke of a pill or shot, has you feeling like crap for 1 day and the next day you are as good as new. If you ask me I prefer the latter. But on the other hand the paid sick days off work are well worth it. 

Supermarket shopping carts

This may sound stupid, but I have lived in Germany for 3 years and I still can’t understand who was the “genius” behind the shopping carts with 4 freaking rotating wheels. Here in Germany, (And most of Europe I assume) the shopping carts have the 4 free rotating wheels. 


That makes it a lot more complicated to steer the damn thing, even more when the cart is loaded, it seems irrelevant but its one of the things I most miss from America. 




There are much more cultural differences between these 2 countries, specially from the eyes of an expat, look out for the part 2 

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